Physical activity and appetite study

Duration: 2 sessions (one 8 hours and one 30 minutes) at 3 time points over a period of 28 days

Number of sessions: Six

Location: University of Liverpool (3 visits)/Aintree hospital (3 visits)

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

  • Physically active (>10,000 steps a day)
  • Able to reduce this activity for 14 days
  • Male or female, aged 18-60 years

You cannot take part if any of the below is true:

  • Smoker
  • Diabetes or a history of cardiovascular, kidney, respiratory or endocrine disease

Study description:

A research group funded by Diabetes UK inviting individuals with and without a relative who has type 2 diabetes to take part in our research. Participants would be required to reduce their physical activity for a period of 14 days and undergo a series of measurements including assessment of physical fitness, body composition (i.e. body fat, muscle mass), and appetite. All participants will be reimbursed with £75 on completion of the study.

Researcher: Kelly Bowden Davies,

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