Diet Beverage consumption and behaviour study

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of sessions: One

Location: Eleanor Rathbone Building

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

You cannot take part if any of the below is true:

  • Medication that affects appetite
  • Not fluent in English
  • You don’t drink diet beverages
  • Allergies to food

Study description:

We are looking for participants to take part in a study which aims to explore the relationship between diet beverage intake and behaviour. You will first be asked to complete a short online questionnaire about the frequency you consume a variety of (non-alcoholic) diet beverages and chocolate. You will be asked some questions about your age, gender, height, and weight. On the basis of your questionnaire responses, you may then be invited to attend a follow-up study in the Department of Psychological Sciences on one occasion where we will ask you to look at some images on a screen and complete some simple tasks. It should take approximately 60 minutes to complete. Participants who complete the lab study will receive reasonable reimbursement.

Researcher: Niamh Maloney,

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