SWITCH Weight Management Trial in Men and Women

Duration: 2 years

Number of sessions: Varies depending on involvement

Location: Eleanor Rathbone Building

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

  • Overweight or Obese
  • Aged 18 – 65
  • Otherwise healthy

You cannot take part if any of the below is true:

  • Smoker
  • First year undergraduate
  • Not happy to consume sugar free drinks or water for two years

Study description:

Participants will receive free drinks, a free weight management programme and will be reimbursed for taking part. This study aims to see whether a range of water drinks or drinks with sweeteners can influence weight management over a two year period, which will include both weight loss and weight maintenance phases. For more information, please visit www.switchliverpool.com

Researcher: SWITCH Team, switch@liverpool.ac.uk, 0151 794 1138

Enter your details below to be contacted by the researcher

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