The Long-Term Effects of Modafinil use on Cerebral Oxygenation and Cognition.

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of sessions: One

Location: Tom Reilly Building (LJMU)

You can take part if you meet these criteria:

You are eligible to take part if you are an adult aged 18 to 40 and have used modafinil at least once a month in the previous six months. Please note, if you have never used modafinil, but still wish to participate, then you are also welcome to take part.

You cannot take part if any of the below is true:

  • You are in receipt of modafinil or methylphenidate for medical purposes
  • You use modafinil but not consistently enough to be considered a long-term user
  • You have a current or past diagnosis of a psychiatric or anxiety disorder
  • You are pregnant
  • You have a diagnosis of a seizure disorder or high blood pressure
  • In the last 24 hours you have used: alcohol, caffeine pills, anti-histamines, amphetamine, dexamphetamine (Adderall), illegal psychostimulants, pharmaceutical sedatives, illegal sedatives, or painkillers.

Study description:

The study investigates the effects of use of modafinil on cognition and cerebral bloody flowcognitive performance when compared to non-users.

Researcher: Jamie Tully,

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