Healthy volunteer study – Reimbursement available

The University of Liverpool and Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS) are currently recruiting healthy volunteers to take part in a research study.

Volunteers will be asked to donate 18mls of blood which will be used for analysis of DNA and plasma. This will be used to establish a database to help identify healthy individuals who may be suitable to take part in phase I clinical trials. We will pay £20 for your travel expenses and your time.

You must be:

  • Aged between 18 years and 45 years
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.0 kg/m2 and 32.0 kg/m2
  • Willing to donate a blood sample for DNA and other analyses
  • In general good health
  • Happy to be re-contacted in the future for further clinical trials/healthy volunteer studies/confirm contact details
  • Registered with a GP in the UK

In addition, you must not:

  • Have a history of alcohol dependence or drug/chemical misuse
  • Have been taking any medication for more than 7 days prior to the day of screening (excluding oral contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy)
  • Have a history of allergy to multiple medications

If you meet all the criteria above, please contact a FUTURE Initiative team representative on 0151 795 5388 or by email at

If you would like further information on this study, please visit the FUTURE Initiative website.

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